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Quality Enhancement Plan

South Carolina State University will launch its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) in Fall 2020. The QEP is called MESA: Making Education Student-Focused & Achievable. MESA is also the Spanish word for table.

Our motto is "Setting the Table for Student Success." This will be accomplished by

  • Utilizing Active Learning Strategies in General Education Courses -- Faculty have identified specific learning strategies that will help students succeed in the classroom. Faculty training on these strategies will begin in Summer 2020.
  • Revamping University 101 -- We want the incoming freshmen to embrace strategies for academic success early in their first semester. These strategies will be taught first in University 101, which all freshmen are required to take.
  • Providing Early Intervention for At-Risk Students -- Students can sometimes struggle. In-class assessments will be conducted early in the semester to determine which students will benefit from the many resources available to help them on their academic journey. The Student Success and Retention Programs (SSRP) staff will provide support for all students who need assistance.

We are in this together. MESA is all about student success, your success. At SC State, YOU have a seat at the table! This fall MESA is waiting for you....

What is MESA? It's our QEP, our Quality Enhancement Plan. It's our plan for your success. MESA stands for Making Education Student-Focused and Achievable. It's also Spanish for table. At SC State, we're setting the table for your success. We're setting the table, and we want you there.

At SC State, YOU have a seat at the table.