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Forms (Registrar's Office ⁄ Veterans Affairs)


The following forms can be downloaded on your computer and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office, 2nd Floor Moss Hall, or mail the completed form to Registrar Office, P. O. Box 8104, 300 College Street, Northeast, Orangeburg, SC 29117




Academic Petition Form  Used by Undergraduates to petition for re-admission to the Univerity after being dismissed or suspended for Academic reasons.
Change of Grade Form
(In Registrar's Office Only) 
Used to change a student's official grade previously provided by the instructor. This form can only be picked up in the Registrar's Office by a Faculty member. Therefore there is no link to the document.
Incomplete Contract Form  Used to provide the parameters for a student who will receive an "I" to complete his/her course work for a grade.
Petition for Adjustment to Academic Record
(In Registrar's Office Only) 
Used for adjustments to a student's record in a prior term the was not handled due to circmstances byond the student's control.

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Undergraduate Application for Graduation Used to apply for graduation during the Spring, Summer or Fall Semesters.
Graduate Application for Graduation Application for Graduation Used to apply for graduation in the Graduate Certificate programs during the Spring, Summer or Fall Semesters
Course Substitution Form Used to sustitute one course for another on academic record as long as the courses are similiar and/or compariable.
Replacement or Duplicate Degree Form Used to order a Replacement or Duplicate Diploma for South Carolina State University students who have lost their Diploma or want an additional Diploma.

The replacement degree will include the most recent administrative signatures (South Carolina State University President, South Carolina Governor and Chairman of Board of Trustees). These signatures may differ from your original based on the issuing date, but should still be deemed as official.
Graduate Certificate Application for Graduation Used to apply for graduation in the Graduate Certificate programs during the Spring, Summer or Fall Semesters

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Change of Curriculum Form Used for change the degree catalog for which a student is following for graduation. Note you cannot change from the current program to an old curriculum.
Change of Information Form Used to request a change of a student's address, name, and ssn in the student information system. The address can also be changed using Bulldog Connection at apps.scsu.edu. Note that documentation must also be included to show name change or ssn change(e.g. marriage license, drivers license, ssn card, etc.)
Change of Major Form Used by Undergraduates to change/declare a major.
Secondary Major Form Used by Undergraduates to change/declare a secondary major.
Minor Form Used by Undergraduates to declare/change a minor.
Directory Disclosure Form Used to place or release a Privacy Hold on directory information such as name, address, telephone number, etc., from being released to anyone without your written authorization. Picture I.D. is required to make changes.
Legal Residency Application Form Used by student who are not South Carolina Residents to apply for in-state status.
Supplemental Form for Parents/Spouse/Guardians This form must be accompanied by the Residency Application Student Form. This form is to be completed by the parents, spouse, or guardian or any person having legal custody of any student or prospective student who is seeking to establish eligibility to pay the in-state rate on tuition and fees at South Carolina State University.
Student Action Form Used in the event that the staff needed by the student is not available at that time.
Student Information Release Used by student to authorize release of their information to a 3rd party, or by parents/guardian of a dependent student.
Verification Request Form Used to verify a student's enrollment, attendance, degrees, credit hours taken, etc, for insurance or other purposes.
Veterans Affairs Certification Form Used to Certify VA students during the Spring, Summer or Fall Semesters

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Add/Drop Used to get the instructor's permission to attend a class during and/or after the official registration and add/drop period.
Course Override Used by the student to obtain authorization to register for a course when the computer system does not recognize that they have met the necessary requirements (prerequisites, co-requisites, min GPA, etc) or the course is full. You must take this from to the department chairperson over the course for authorization before returning it to the Registrar’s Office.
Credit By Examination Used by the student to test out of any given course at the University, unless otherwise prohibited by degree, department or school criteria. Please see catalog for rules and regulations.
Cross Registration Used to allow the student to enroll at Claflin University and Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College under the Cross-Registration Agreement between the three colleges.
Independent Study Used to grant absentee enrollment in a course. This agreement has a structured outline on how the course must be completed.
Pass/Fail/Audit Used when a student desires to either receive a Pass/Fail grade or Audit a class. Please refer to the catalog for rules and regulations.
Senior Citizen Waiver Form Used for Senior Citizens to request tuition free attendance during the Spring and Fall semesters.
Student Exchange Used to allow the student to attend approved Colleges and Universities within the National Student Exchange Program for a specified semester. This process transfers credit and grades.
Transient Student Used to allow the student to attend those Colleges and Universities approved by the University as having equivalent courses for a specified semester. This process transfers credit ONLY.
University Withdrawal Used to initiate a complete Withdrawal from the University. The result is that all courses will be dropped (if prior to the 30th day of classes), or a grade of "W" will appear on the transcript if after the 30th day of classes.

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Special Forms 

Complaint Form  
Report Request Form Used to various departments, organization and individuals to request infromation from the Registrar's Office. Please note that not all requests will be approved.
Trading Partner Agreement Used by other College and Universities that are using EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange) to inform South Carolina State University of an intent to exchange electronic transcripts with us. This is not a student, department or University form. Please call (803) 536-8826 for copy of this form.
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