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Assessment Center

The Assessment Center provides a proctored environment and services for the administration of course tests, common exams, and institutional requirements via e-learning technology (Blackboard™). The Assessment Center is located on the third floor of Belcher Hall.

To schedule an exam in the Assessment Center, please contact Robin Anderson at 803-533-3996 or email RAnder28@scsu.edu

Hours of Operation:
Please note. Students are required to be in the Assessment Center one hour prior to closing.

  • Monday-Friday - 8:45am – 5:00pm (Students must be in the testing center one hour before closing.)

  • Mid-terms:
    Monday - Friday 8:45am – 6:00pm (Students must be in the testing center one hour before closing.)

  • Final Exams:
    Days and Hours are subject to change!

Faculty Information
Faculty utilizing the Assessment Center are required to email the Assessment Center Staff at least one week prior to the using the center. Advanced notification would aid in preparation and assistance for all faculty and students. Faculty and students will be notified in the event of technical issues that will impact center operations.

  • Cell Phones, iwatches, iPads and all mobile devices have to be turn off and put away.
  • Students caught using any mobile device will be asked to log off the exam and exit the Assessment Center.
  • Students should not bring personal property with them while visiting the Assessment Center. Assessment Center staff are not responsible for any personal property.