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University Forms

Many of the following forms can be completed online and then printed.


Academic Advising

Academic Advising Handbook
Junior Status Report
Graduation Clearance Form

Academic Affairs

Educational Policies - Checklist for Proposed Changes 
Employment Checklist Form
Faculty Development Form 
Personnel Action Form
Recommendation Form for Dual Employment 
Recommendation Form for P13-P14 
Routing Form 
Tenure-Promotion Application 
Post Tenure Review Application 
Tenure and Promotion Procedural Flow Chart 
Post Tenure Review Procedural Flow Chart 
Blackboard Guest User Account Request Form 
Blackboard Course Shell Request Form 
Online Instructor Temporary Waiver Request Form 

Academic Computing

Banner INB Access Supplement
Access Request Form
Service Request Form (Banner)

Accounts Payable

Approval for Exceeding Travel Expense Limits
Application for Travel Advance Funds 
Deposit Transmittal Form
Essential Travel Authorization  
Request for Foreign Travel 
Travel Cash Advance Recapitulation 
Travel Reimbursement Voucher
Vendor ACH Application
Wire Request Form

Finance and Management


Finance and Management

Budget Amendment Request 
Budget Distribution Form 
Budget Forecast
Instructions for Faculty-Staff Release Time Forms
Intra Department Transfer Form
Journal Entry Form
Overtime Request Form
Procurement Card Purchase Requisition
Wire Request Form

Financial Aid

Federal College Workstudy Timesheet 
Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Academic Plan
Scholarship Requisition

Grants & Contracts

Cost Sharing Worksheet
In-Kind Match Documentation
Salary Reallocation

Human Resource Management

Background Consent Investigation 
P-1 Request for Leave 
P-2 Request to Fill Vacant Position Form 
P-3 Applicant Selection Procedure Report 
P-4 Personnel Action Request Form 
P-5 Position Description/EPMS Form-Nonsupervisory Staff 
P-6 Position Description/EPMS Form-Supervisory Staff 
P-7 Position Description/EPMS Form-Unclassified Administrators 
P-11 Additional Compensation Form 
P-12 Dual Employment Form 
P-13 Temporary Employment Data Request Form 
P-13s Student Employment Data Request 
P-14 Temporary Grant Data Request Form 
P-20 Record of Oral Reprimand 
P-21 Written Reprimand 
P-22 Notice of Suspension 
P-25 Non-Faculty Employee Grievance Hearing Request 
P-28 Warning Notice of Substandard Performance 
P-30 Exit Interview Questionnaire 
P-31 Employee Separation Notice Form 
P-32 Supplemental Salary Approval Form 
P-33 Background Investigation Consent Form 
P-34 Leave Pool Donation Form 
P-35 Leave Pool Request Form 
P-36 Leave Pool Restoration Form 
P-37 Tuition Waiver Application 
P-38 Tuition Reimbursement Application 
P-39 Injury-Illness Report 
P-41 Work Schedule Agreement 
P-42 Time and Attendance Record 
Timesheet Due Dates 
P-43 Personal Data Sheet 
P-44 Pay Release and Clearance Form 
P- 45 Direct Deposit Form 
P-46 Compensatory Time Summary Sheet 

Institutional Advancement

Data Services Request Form
Foundation Requisition

Institutional Effectiveness

Academic Program Assessment Form
Administrative Assessment Form


Library Book Order Request Form
Library Instruction Request Form


Contract Approval Form

Parking & Vehicle Registration Office

Parking Decal Payroll Deduction
Vehicle Parking Registration

Procurement Services

Catering Authorization Form
Direct Purchase Voucher
Documentation for Donated Equipment
Driver's License Screening Form
Equipment Inventory Flow Control
Intermediate Movement of Equipment
Justification for Emergency Procurement
Pcard IT Approval Request Form
Justification for Sole Source Procurement 
Printing Specification Sheet
Purchase Requisition
Receipt for Property
Relief of Accountability of Property
Report of Accident 
Vendor Application
Vendor Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
W-9 Form

Sponsored Programs

Conflict of Interest-Artis-INSYCNC
Declaration of Possession-Artis-INSYCNC
Faculty/Staff Release Time
Human Subjects Policy
Salary Allocation Form
Salary Allocation Form Instruction
IRB Application Checklist
IRB Forms

Student Affairs

Judicial Affairs
Community Service Evaluation Form
Community Service Form
Disciplinary Clearance Form
Consent for Release of Information
Student Grievance/ Complaint Form
Campus Police Incident Report Form
Residence Security Officer Incident Report Form

Sanction and Volunteer Program Forms
Participation Request Form
Student Agreement
Student Evaluation Form
Student Evaluation Form of Work Supervisor

Student Life and Leadership

Fall 2016 Important Dates

Annual Report
Event Proposal
Facility Usage Request 

Upon completion of the form please print three copies. A copy needs to go to each of the following places:
1. The Building Owner (Building owners are listed in the attached form).
2. The facility department.
3. Campus police.

Homecoming Registration Application
Important Dates
Organization Registration Packet
Petition for Charter
Security Coverage Event Form


Student Success and Retention Programs

Early Academic Warning Alert System (EAWAS)
Student Help Request Form

Student Travel

Agreement for Student Travel
Off-Campus Student Activity Report for Insurance Coverage
Regulations for Student Travel Per-diem
Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement
Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement Non- Student

Summer School

Teacher Schedule
For more forms, please visit www.scsu.edu/summer.


Calling Card Request
Long Distance Authorization Request

Ticket Office

Payroll Deduction

Title III

Professional Meeting Form
Title III Employee Time and Effort Report
Title III Five Year Proposal Format
Title III Grant Application
Title III Quarterly Report (2015-16)

University Computing & IT Services

Banner INB Access Supplement
Banner Testing Approval Sign-off Form
Access Request Form
Service Request Form (Banner)
Information Technology Approval

Voice Mail Request

University Police Department

Campus Security Authority Form (To Report the number of all Crime(s) reported to you the end of the requested calendar year)
Campus Security Authority Form (To Report a Crime Now)

University Relations & Marketing 

Service Request Form