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Environmental Policy Institute

EPIThe Environmental Policy Institute was firmly established through a grant provided by the US Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration in 2005.The overall goal of this program is to promote the goals of the National Nuclear Security Administration. The Environmental Policy Institute (EPI) develops programs addressing emergency response plans in rural communities around the Savannah River Site and focuses on research, programs, and activities addressing the transportation of spent fuel, tritium and nuclear fuel. In addition, the EPI provides research, outreach, training, education and technical assistance through a series of made-for-television dialogue and community leader’s institutes.  Since the inception of the EPI, the Medical University of South Carolina’s Office of Public Information and Community Outreach, Department of Library Science and Informatics has partnered with South Carolina State University to develop and produce several EPI programs. 

The project objectives of the EPI are:

  • to support the strategic mission and goals of the NNSA,
  • to enhance South Carolina State University’s program of applied research, policy analysis, and
  • to assist the NNSA in cultivating the next generation of national security science and technology leaders by preparing another generation of nuclear-trained professionals to enter the workforce.

EPI focuses on the following six (6) program components:
  1. Research
  2. Curriculum Development
  3. Scholarships
  4. Student Internship
  5. Faculty/Staff Professional Development
  6. Outreach

For more information, contact:

South Carolina State University Environmental Policy Institute
300 College Street, NE
Crawford Zimmerman Building
PO Box 8144
Orangeburg, SC 29117
Phone: 803-516-4926
Fax: 803-516-4693

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